The internet has led to the birth and evolution of E-commerce. E-commerce has become a key component of many organizations in the daily running of their businesses. As the internet and E-Commerce have developed and continue to evolve and grow; it is vital that any organization must base its strategic planning around such a rapidly growing medium. On the other hand, more consumers are shopping online than ever before, and online sales are hitting new records outpacing sales figures from brick-and-mortar stores.



In this digital era; people are becoming modern digital consumers. Responding to that; things are being done differently in order to cater for their needs. However, such modern business trend is new in Iraq. Based on an in-depth analysis of this trend; driven by the projected growth in demand for E-commerce, MARCH Holding Company has found a great opportunity and potential investing in this sector by introducing SWITCH; the full-service payment service provider to the Iraqi market, with the aim at meeting the needs of E-commerce in Iraq as well as to drive increased revenue streams, profits and financial performance. 

SWITCH (Iraq E-Gate for Financial Services Co.) is an Iraqi company registered in Iraq, and was granted license as a Financial Electronic Payment Company, under License No. 4 per the Central Bank Law No. 56 of year 2004 and the Electronic Payment System No.3 of 2014.Based in Baghdad / Al Mansour; SWITCH offers the best international practices of electronic payment at a click along with round-the-clock customer service. Our objective is to make transactions faster, easier and more secure. Thanks to its highly talented team of professionals; SWITCH is strongly positioned to beat out competitors and challenges through the provision of a full spectrum of electronic payment services in the Iraqi market, thus changing the face commerce through the newest technologies and innovation.We bring the world to you with SWITCH E-commerce Mastercard through which you can enjoy shopping from millions of websites and applications and SWITCH Mastercard for Travel; your perfect travel companion and the safest alternative for cash. Moreover, our wide network of POS devices covers all Iraqi governorates. It provides the highest technology devices for merchants to accept international cards and support electronic payments at their store. Accepting electronic payments contribute in lowering the risks of cash transactions for the merchant. Following all financial operations on the merchant account in real-time reports also providing a better, safe and convenient payment experience for customers.We invite you to explore our company and indulge in a broad range of services designed to cater for your needs.




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